In less than 10 minutes you could have a personalised GDPR strategy, a map of all your data and a self-updating privacy policy.

Not bad huh?  

Use our free GDPR Checker to get a compliance score and steps to improve​.


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Protecting your customers shouldn't be a headache

Stop guessing where your data is

With employees sending personal data in and out through emails, documents, third parties and databases, keeping track of what data your company has is expensive and time-consuming.

Stay in control of your data

The Privasee dashboard shows what data you have, where it comes from, where it's stored and what you do with it.

Find your data in seconds

Privasee finds all the personal data in your emails, documents, third parties and databases, saving the average SME 330 hours a year.

Become GDPR Compliant

Privasee helps you comply with the GDPR Privacy Principles and generate reports necessary to demonstrate compliance in a few clicks.


What our customers say


A data leak would be catastrophic for us. We’re continuously looking for ways to enhance our data security and data privacy frameworks. Speaking to the privasee team, even the questions they ask, is valuable in that it provided us with new insights and prompted us to explore a number of additional safeguards.


A self-development platform that helps you reflect on your experiences, gain new insights and move from dream to do.


Privasee helps us understand exactly where our data is and gives us the assurance that we are fully compliant with all data regulations


A fintech making student finance available to everyone


I quite liked that I'm now mentally conscious of all the footprint of data that there is within our organisation and I'm more likely to delete old accounts


An engineering company looking to improve mobility by increasing chain efficiency and durability

We make the compliance process

faster, cheaper, smarter.

Save Money

Mapping the data you have, assessing and mitigating risk of holding that data and generating reports is expensive. 

Our platform is fully automated, saving you an average of £41,000 a year.

Save time

Looking through every single email, pdf, third party and database is time consuming.

Let our algorithm find data for you, saving you an avergae of 330h a year.

Become Compliant

Understanding what to do to become compliant is confusing. Mapping data, understanding it, finding, mitigating risks...

We pinpoint risks and give you clear roadmap of what to do to mitigate risk to become compliant.

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